Happy Holidays 2012!

Happy Holidays from King Motorsports to all our customers, partners, friends and family!

Our holiday schedule for 2012:

> Dec 24 and 25 - CLOSED
> Dec 31 and Jan 1 - CLOSED

2012 was a big year. A US presidential election, Hurricane Sandy, the 2012 Summer Olympics and continued turmoil in Syria and Egypt. We also faced tragedies domestically in places like Newtown, Aurora and even here in West Town, Wisconsin.

There's no question we love cars, horsepower and motorsports. This holiday season we are especially thankful for the people in our lives that inspire us to stay passionate.

May your holidays be filled with those kinds of people (and may your tires stay on the road)! :)

Bonus pics: Here's our shop this morning after Wisconsin's first sizable snowfall!

After digging out the parking lot and letting some sun in ... :)

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