Fakespotting: Mugen Metal Badge Emblems

The metal Mugen emblems are a fantastic finishing touch to Mugen aero parts. The current generation of metal emblems appear on Mugen's grilles, wings and other parts. There are few ways to spot a replica/fake metal emblem.

1. Packaging. If the emblem does not include a package, it may be a replica.

2. Thickness of the emblem. The genuine emblem is about 2mm thick (for both the 11cm and 15cm emblems). Replicas are typically 1mm thick.

3. Beveled edges. The genuine emblems have a distinct, beveled edge.

4. Cut, not stamped. The genuine emblems have their Mugen logo precisely cut into the metal, not stamped into the metal.

5. Colors. Genuine emblems are currently only available in brushed metal (no color) with black logos; they do not come in red, blue, yellow or other colors. The genuine emblem is also available in a special Titanium ("neochrome") finish.

Here are a few comparison pictures -- plus photos of the genuine packaging.

You can find genuine Mugen emblems and decals on the King Motorsports online store:

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