Record Attendance and Great Weather - Dyno Day 2011!

A stormy weather forecast couldn't keep a record crowd from attending King Motorsports' 4th Annual Dyno Day - the only thing that didn't show up was the rain. 300-plus attendees were greeted by warm temps and sunshine, and that's how it stayed throughout day.

Starting early on, Deletah (formerly DJ Macabre) starting spinning and playing great sets throughout the day. Food was provided by local boy Scout Troop #93, who did an excellent job. Scout leader Dennis Glazewski: "It was a great opportunity for us to raise funds, the boys had fun and it was really loud!." Continued Dennis, "Everything went smoothly - it was a really good crowd, very nice. We definitely want to come back next year and the only thing we'll do differently is bring a lot more Mountain Dew!"

The reserved and grass parking filled up quickly, and soon the parking lot, cul de sac and street followed suit. After a short computer glitch early on, King's Dynojet Dyno saw its first car, and ran non-stop for the entire day. The few dyno spots still open on Saturday filled up quickly. King employee Jude Zimmermann: "The demand for dyno runs was incredible this year! Tim (Tim Martin, King's Head Tuner and Dyno Crew leader) and the dyno crew did an incredible job as always. They made sure all of the pre-registrants got their run, plus an additional 10 or so, but there was a waiting list of at least another 10."

Designer Perry Wang once again came up with a very cool, contemporary shirt design that truly captured what Dyno Day is about. In addition, he designed a similarly-themed limited-edition poster that was featured in the raffle.

And speaking of the raffle - the swag, products and gift certificates were amazing. There were 8 drawings total, culminating with the drawing for $600 in King Motorsports gift certificates. King President and CEO Scott Zellner: "The annual raffle at Dyno Day has taken on a life of its own. The buzz on the social networks was huge this year!" Continued Scott, "Our vendors really came through this year, and we were pleased to offer such an array of great prizes to our customers."

Zellner, "Each year this event gets bigger and better - it's a really great way for King to support our customers and the Honda/Acura community. In addition to saying thanks to the attendees, I'd like to thank all of the friends and family that volunteered their time. In addition, thanks to our event sponsors: Mugen, ASR, Buddy Club, Brockway Engineering, Blox, Gamestop, K-Tuned, NoggsPhotography, Function7 Engineering and Toda USA."

Andy Noggle of NoggsPhotography spent the day shooting the event.
The full slideshow is posted to our blog here.

Check out this video courtesy of Alex Weyer:

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