VTEC Just Caked In Yo!

Last week King Motorsports fan Chris M. sent us the above Honda-inspired cake that he scored for his 30th birthday. That Facebook post cooked up a fantastic buffet of other Honda-themed cakes! You're in luck, we're serving up a slice of VTEC sweets!

Dustin K's 17th birthday: A faithful replica of his 94 Civic DX coupe with an EX/Si swap! Complete with grille and even wiper blades.

 Exhaust and red/clear tail lights!

 Dustin K also took a bite out of his 95 Civic DX hatchback with a 97-spec JDM ITR swap, painted EBP!

 Is that a Wisconsin license plate?

Dave B shared this EK9 wedding cake! Complete with amber side marker lights, pink trim and Type-R badging!

The cake came with its own mechanic maybe?

Back to Dustin K. Here's his S2000 which he chomped down for his 22nd birthday.

His Honda cake master has really improved over the years! Check out the red Honda badge, clean black seams and metallic blue exhaust tips!

 Stephanie M made this Bisimoto wagovan completely by hand, by herself! Nothing premade, she says!

What do you get Hondapro Jason for his birthday?

 Nathan G's wife surprised him with this beauty complete with spark plug wires!

 Here's a contribution from Simon P, who's grandma is texting her girlfriends a pic of his 30th birthday Integra. CarCake 624 is just about to cross the Finish Line!

Peter F's Honda has red wheels, a very small sunroof, plenty of roof-mounted air diverters, and is about to run over the Maytag Repairman.

Brandon C whipped this DC5 up for a friend and in true DIY fashion this was his first attempt at anything cake-related! Remember kids that a Ding Dong is never a proper substitute for jack stands!

Dustin K's Honda cake legacy also stretches back to his 18th, a milestone that included this frighteningly precise model of a Civic coupe with 5-spoke wheels and flame decals.

Joe K got himself a cake with Volk TE37s!

High school included this amazing CRX with swapped LS motor for Ryan P and Dustin K.

 Tyler K's wife crafted up this tasty valve cover for his 26th birthday!

Who you gonna call to get one of these fantastic cakes? Dustin K reaches out to the Cake Master Michael K, pictured below on the left!

Stephanie M hand-built this B series motor completely out of edible dough -- she says it tasted like a giant sugar cookie!

Alain M's 30th was powered by this amazing Honda tribute with an unusually short spark plug cover. Feast your eyes on that ornate oil fill cap!

Have a Honda-themed cake to share? Visit and contribute to the gallery on the King Motorsports Facebook thread!

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