The Mugen Equipped S2000

Here is one of the first Mugen brochures for the S2000 from early in 2000.

Here is the heart of the Mugen-equipped S2000:


Mugen spent considerable time in the wind tunnel developing their body parts for the S2000. The phrase "Form follows function" has never been more true! The Mugen Aero: S2000 SS - Front Splitter for AP2 is still available.




Our favorite Mugen body kit for the S2000 is the "SS Style" body it. The kit was based on the Mugen Speed Star 2200 (SS2200) concept vehicle. Love it!


Bonus images: Here are pictures of the Mugen S2000 prototype parked behind Mugen HQ in early 2000. These prototypes were in constant use endurance testing new parts and doing promo track work for Mugen.





This was part of our original ad campaign for S2000 parts:


King Motorsports went on to build our own Mugen SS2000 in red. King currently still stocks Mugen Aero pieces for the 2000-2003 S2000 and 2004-2009 S2000.


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